Nomination & Entry Guidelines

Nomination and Entry Deadline

Nomination opens on 21 February 2024. Entry will close on 26 March 2024 (Hong Kong time).



  • The Awards are open to all companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, as at 31 December 2023.
  • Companies delisted, pending to be delisted, or in suspension are not eligible.
  • Awards are further categorized by company market capitalization into Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Small Cap (see classification below). Eligible companies are to be nominated according to their capital size.
  • There is no limit to the number of Awards each company may enter.
  • Only companies first listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in year 2022 and 2023 are eligible to be nominated and enter the “Best IR Company for an IPO” Award, while the companies awarded last year in this award category are not eligible to enter this year for the same Award, which is not categorized by company size.


Classification of Market Capitalization

Large Cap Companies with market capitalization of HK$50 billion and above
Mid Cap Companies with market capitalization of HK$10 billion and above but below HK$50 billion
Small Cap Companies with market capitalization below HK$10 billion

As of 31 December 2023


Nomination and Entering the Awards


The Awards is open to public for nominations whose achievements deserve to be honoured and have demonstrated the best IR practices for others to learn from.

  • Individual may nominate a desired listed company, or self-nominate his/her own company.
  • Contact information of the nominator and the nominee are required.
  • Each Nominator may submit more than one nomination.


  • Nominees will be notified upon nomination.
  • To enter the Awards and be voted online, nominees are required to confirm their acceptance of nomination and provide the award categories that they would like to enter, and pay the entry fee.
  • An entry is valid only if it is received on or before the deadline.
  • To accept nomination and enter the awards of Best Investor Presentation Material and Best Annual Report, the latest report with valid URL must be provided. Submission of invalid URL resulted in any failures of assessment by voters and the Judging Panel will not be given any opportunity of compensation under any circumstances.
  • * To accept nomination and enter the awards of Best ESG (E/S/G), please provide an essay of 300-500 words on the company’s achievements related to E, S, or G. Please submit your essay to by 30 April 2024. Instead of listing all the achievements and events, a cohesive story focusing on one or two strategies or action items with significant impacts are preferred. The story is only for internal use for the judging panel and will NOT be disclosed to the public.
  • Once nomination is accepted by the Nominee, payment is required and non-refundable.
  • Nominees may withdraw entry of one or more categories after payment, but no refunds will be issued.

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How the Awards are Selected

Online Voting

Domestic and international investment community including buy side and sell side analysts, and fund managers are eligible to participate in the online survey and vote on their choices of the Awards. Voters are expected to cast their top 3 choices for each award category.

See Judging Criteria.

Selection by Judging Panel

Top award finalists in each of the award categories will enter into the selection process for the Overall Best IR Company Awards while the top finalists of the Best ESG (E), Best ESG (S) and Best ESG (G) Awards will enter into the selection process for the Grand ESG Award. The Judging Panel will select companies to receive the awards for IR Dedicated Company and Most Progress in IR based on the judging criterion. Members of the Judging Panel for the HKIRA Investor Relations Awards have been carefully selected among esteemed professionals to ensure a fair and balanced evaluation and selection of award winners.

Final Decision

HKIRA and the Judging Panel of the HKIRA Investor Relations Awards reserve the right to approve shortlisted nominees and winners. The decision of the HKIRA and Judging Panel will be final. In case there are no nominations of sufficient merit, the organizer reserves the right to withhold some awards.