Hong Kong Investor Relations Association

Coleman Ng

Director, Business Reporting and Sustainability

Coleman has over 20 years administrative and management experience in consulting sector including almost 10 years solid experience in climate change and sustainability consultancy. He has hands-on experience on managing corporate sustainability and environmental reporting in particular of the HKEX ESG reporting work, as well as sophisticated experience on standard assurance and data system due-diligence compliance audit.

In addition, he has extensive experience on ESG due-diligence audit in accordance with international audit protocols to support merging and acquisition projects, covering a wide range of infrastructure projects and industrial facilities including renewable energy, waste to energy, power utilities, mine, brown field, palm plantation, schools, etc.

He is a Chartered Environmental Engineer / Manger as well as Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer, so he is familiar with translating engineering terms to financial values for executive communication.