Hong Kong Investor Relations Association

David M. Webb

Deputy Chairman, SFC Takeovers and Mergers Panel

A Hong Kong resident since 1991, former investment banker David Webb retired in 1998 to focus on his investments and to establish Webb-site.com, a non-profit platform for better corporate and economic governance in Hong Kong, which now has over 23,000 subscribers to its free newsletter. The site includes Webb-site Reports, with news, analysis and opinions on HK affairs, and Webb-site Who's Who, a database on HK organisations and people, including Webb-site Total Returns on all HK-listed stocks since 1994 and all directors and advisers of HK-listed companies since 1990, all free.

He has been a member of Hong Kong's Takeovers and Mergers Panel since 2001 (a Deputy Chairman since 2013), and was an elected independent director of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd from 2003 to 2008 when he resigned over corporate governance issues. In the 1980s he was a best-selling author of games and books for the first generation of home computers. He is an Oxford maths graduate, a member of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders (2005-2011), and former Chairman of Hong Kong Mensa.

As a private investor in HK-listed small-caps for over 22 years, filtering for both valuation and governance quality to avoid the lemons more often than average, he has substantially out-performed the market and amassed shareholdings currently over the 5% disclosure threshold in 18 companies.