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News & Views

Book Launch of "Investor Relations Best Practice Guide"

11 Dec 2017 (Mon)


Shareholder Activism Case Studies from Europe and America Inspired Over 230 Audiences in HKIRA Conference

13 Nov 2017 (Mon)


Views on Shareholder Activism in Hong Kong

29 Oct 2017 (Sun)

HKIRA & ONC Lawyers shared on recent landscape and views on shareholder activism in Hong Kong.

[Source: Metro Finance (Radio FM104)]


Opportunities to build IR in the gateway to China

13 Oct 2016 (Thu)

Hong Kong is the world’s hot-spot for IPO listings – however IR is still a young profession, as Eva Chan explains.

[Source: IR Society Informed 92 – Autumn 2016]


The Secret to a Great IR Program

26 July 2016 (Tue)

What makes a successful investor relations program? Bloomberg sat down with some of the winners at the 2016 HKIRA 2nd IR Awards to learn how they engage both the buy-side and sell-side communities.

[Source: Bloomberg and HKIRA]


The Activist Landscape

22 July 2016 (Fri)

Download Nasdaq Corporate Solution’s activist landscape report and be prepared when an engagement with an activist investor occurs.

[Source: Nasdaq]


Targeting: Harnessing the Data

22 July 2016 (Fri)

IR teams are using vast databases and advanced analytics to maximize the value of their targeting programs. Learn how to prioritize the firms and investment funds to meet – and identify the right contacts within those firms – to maximize buying potential by reviewing Nasdaq Corporate Solution’s white paper, Harnessing the Data.

[Source: Nasdaq]



18 January 2016 (Mon)

“沪港通”作为中国资本市场持续改革的一部分、作为继 QFII(境外合格机构投资者)制度之后又一开放市场的里程碑式的举措,一经推出,举世瞩目。为了帮助中国境内外投资者在内地和香港两个市场中把握与“沪港通”相关的机会,中金研究部策略组对此课题组 织了系统的研究,这一报告的集合是到目前为止有关这一课题研究成果的汇总


Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy Ambassadors raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy in Hong Kong.

15 December 2015 (Tue)

The Investor Education Centre (IEC) released a coherent financial literacy strategy for Hong Kong on 27 November 2015. The Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy (HKSFL) sets out for the first time a clear direction for financial literacy and provides a practical framework for actions across the government, finance, education and community sectors. HKIRA is glad to be one of the supporting organization of HKSFL.

11 ambassadors comprising community leaders and local heroes have shared their views towards managing their money, challenges facing in Hong Kong and the actions required to help improve the financial well-being of the population.

[Source: Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy]


Creating an Award-Winning IR Program

23 November 2015 (Mon)

HKIRA has collaborated with Bloomberg on a white paper featuring the IR best practices of award-winning professionals of the listed companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In this white paper themed "Creating An Award-Winning IR Program", five of the HKIRA 1st IR Awards winners outline their exemplary approach to IR.

[Source: Bloomberg and HKIRA]


Listed companies learn more about Mainland IR
上市公司可抓住沪港通机遇 与内地投资者加强联系

28 October 2015 (Wed)

[Source: The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited]


面朝内地 香港热议港股通时代投资者关系策略

27 October 2015 (Tue)



The Value of Good Communication

6 August 2015 (Thu)

Investor relations is a relatively young profession in Hong Kong, but this month's In Profile candidate is a Chartered Secretary who has played a major role in building the profession over the last decade. This month, CSj talks to Dr Eva Chan FCIS FCS(PE), Council Member of the HKICS, Head of Investor Relations at C C Land Holdings Ltd and Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association.

[Source: Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries]


Adding Color

July 2015

Ms. Claudia Lo, Divisional Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications of Coach, talks about how she gets the right message across with her communications and IR skills as a CPA.

[Source: Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants]