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Fellows Recognition Program


The HKIRA Fellows Recognition Program is a recognition program distinguishing HKIRA senior members who epitomise expertise, experience, and contributions to HKIRA and the investor relations industry in Hong Kong. These individuals have made contributions to the betterment of the profession and HKIRA throughout their careers.


Fellow Goals

  • Recognise experienced and professional IR practitioners
  • Promote IR leadership through sharing and networking
  • Raise the professional stature of the IR profession by adding to the standing of the HKIRA and the industry profession
  • Ensure that IR leaders have a continuing role in the profession
  • Provide a platform for these individuals to continue to serve the IR and IR-related industries


Application Process

  • Eligible HKIRA members are welcome to apply as Fellow members. Eligibility is open to all membership types including full, corporate (listed company), supporting, corporate (service provider), and associate. Nominees of corporate membership (either listed company or service provider) who apply for fellowship are required to fulfill the fellowship requirements at individual level. For example, the applicant is required to fulfil the annual CPD requirements under his/her name.
  • Applications will be considered and approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Application must be accompanied with the followings for the HKIRA to process:
    • Payment of application fee which is paid whether the application is successful or not
    • Payment of annual fellowship fee
    • Supporting documents of academic qualification
    • Supporting documents of professional qualification
    • Supporting documents of working reference
  • The Executive Committee shall have absolute discretion in respect of each application to decide conclusively whether he/she has or has not fulfilled the conditions applicable to his/her case. The decision of the Executive Committee is final and shall not be subject to any appeal.


Fee Structure

  • Applicants are required to pay an application fee of HK$800 which is not refundable.
  • Each Fellow Member is required to pay an annual fellowship fee of HK$600 which is on top of the standard annual membership fee according to the member’s membership class.
  • The annual fellowship fee of HK$600 is valid for 12 months from the approval date and is not refundable if the member ceased to be a HKIRA member during the 12 months period.
  • In case the fellowship application is rejected, the annual fellowship fee will be refunded to the applicant while the application fee will not be refunded.


Eligibility for Fellows Application

1. Experience

  • Membership in HKIRA for a minimum of 5 years (or 60 calendar months in total); or a minimum of 3 years, plus completion of a minimum of 10 CPDs per annum in the last 12 months, among which a minimum of 5 CPDs on HKIRA seminars/courses. The determination of whether those CPDs are qualified are at the discretion of HKIRA.
  • IR and/or IR-related working experience for a minimum of 5 years (or 60 calendar months in aggregate), among which, a minimum of 3 years (or 36 calendar months in aggregate) working experience should be attained from listed companies. A copy of his/her current company name card is required to submit together with the application. If the current company’s employment is less than 5 years, a reference letter from the previous employment is required to submit.

2. Education

  • University degree or equivalent, which should be accredited or recognised by HKIRA. Professional and academic qualifications in IR or IR-related fields (if any). A copy of the certificate of the latest qualification is required to submit together with the application.

3. Others

  • Fellowship program is designed to recognise the expertise and professionalism of individuals. The fellowship requirements are therefore applied to the individual applicants but not the corporates. Such requirements include but are not limited to working experience, education and CPD requirements. For example, if a fellow applicant is currently a nominee of HKIRA corporate member, he/she is required to fulfill the CPD requirements under his/her names and cannot use the CPD of the other nominees under the HKIRA corporate membership.
  • Besides membership of HKIRA, IR working experience, education and professional qualification, contribution of the applicant to the IR community and other related criteria will also be considered.
  • The HKIRA Executive Committee determines whether further information is necessary from an applicant and at its discretion may schedule phone interviews with applicant by Executive Committee members to gather more information.

4. Fellows Application Form

  • You may apply for fellow online by clicking here or please print and fill in an fellow application form, and return to the following address:
    Hong Kong Investor Relations Association Limited
    11/F, China United Plaza,
    1008 Tai Nan West Street, Lai Chi Kok,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong


Fellows Designation

  • Fellows will be awarded the designation of "HKIRA Fellow"/"HKIRA資深會員" and such designation will be shown in any HKIRA publication or program when the individual is referenced.
  • Fellows designation is applicable to individuals only and not for corporates.
  • At the discretion of the HKIRA Executive Committee, a Fellows designation may be withdrawn for any action that is in conflict with the principles of HKIRA.


Fellows Opportunities & Expectations

  • Upon successful application as a Fellow of HKIRA, individuals are able to use the following post-nominal: HKIRA Fellow or HKIRA資深會員 (in Chinese).
  • A Fellows section on the HKIRA website will announce the list of fellows upon approval of application. It will also be promoted via HKIRA e-newsletters.
  • Priority will be given to Fellows for joining seminars or events organized by HKIRA.
  • Opportunities to chair and/or speak at HKIRA seminars and conferences will be offered to Fellows.
  • Fellows can enjoy complimentary admissions to HKIRA supporting events (Past reference: HKICS ACRU Conference and HKIB Annual Banking Conference; List of Supporting Events).


Renewal of Fellows

  • Fellows are required to submit their renewal application form at least one month before its fellowship to be expired. When submitting the renewal application, the fellows are required to complete a total of 10 CPDs in the last 12 months at the time of renewal application, among which a minimum of 5 CPDs on HKIRA seminars/ courses. For those CPDs which are not from HKIRA, they should be IR related seminars/courses. The determination of whether those CPDs are qualified are at the discretion of HKIRA.
  • Fellows whom have served in HKIRA as committee members, presenters, speakers, etc. are accredited extra CPDs for their service and commitment. Please consult HKIRA staff at 2117 1846.
  • For Fellows with active and valid membership of HKICPA, HKICS, HKSFA, or other equivilent professional bodies, the required CPDs for fellowship renewal may be waived. Please consult HKIRA staff at 2117 1846.
  • HKIRA shall refuse a members’ application to renew his/her registration as a HKIRA Fellow if the member fails to comply with the annual CPD requirements.
  • It is the responsibility of the fellows to ensure they meet the annual CPD requirements in order to be eligible for the fellowship designation and benefits. Fellows who fail to comply with the annual CPD requirements will not be eligible for the fellow designation; and will not be eligible for any benefits which are designed exclusively for HKIRA Fellows. They will only be eligible as HKIRA members and the benefits which are designed for HKIRA members.