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Fellowship Application

Application Process

  • Eligible HKIRA members are welcome to apply as Fellow members. Eligibility is open to all membership types including full, corporate (listed company), supporting, corporate (service provider), and associate. Nominees of corporate membership (either listed company or service provider) who apply for fellowship are required to fulfill the fellowship requirements at individual level. For example, the applicant is required to fulfil the annual CPD requirements under his/her name.
  • Applications will be considered and approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Application must be accompanied with the followings for the HKIRA to process:
    • Payment of application fee which is paid whether the application is successful or not
    • Payment of annual fellowship fee
    • Supporting documents of academic qualification
    • Supporting documents of professional qualification
    • Supporting documents of working reference
  • The Executive Committee shall have absolute discretion in respect of each application to decide conclusively whether he/she has or has not fulfilled the conditions applicable to his/her case. The decision of the Executive Committee is final and shall not be subject to any appeal.


Renewal of Fellows

  • Fellows are required to submit their renewal application form at least one month before its fellowship to be expired. When submitting the renewal application, the fellows are required to complete a total of 10 CPDs in the last 12 months at the time of renewal application, among which a minimum of 5 CPDs on HKIRA seminars/ courses. For those CPDs which are not from HKIRA, they should be IR related seminars/courses. The determination of whether those CPDs are qualified is at the discretion of HKIRA.
  • Fellows whom have served in HKIRA as committee members, presenters, speakers, etc. are accredited extra CPDs for their service and commitment.
  • For Fellows with active and valid membership of HKICPA, HKICS, HKSFA, or other equivalent professional bodies, the required CPDs for fellowship renewal may be waived.
  • HKIRA shall refuse a member’s application for renewing his/her registration as a HKIRA Fellow if the member fails to comply with the annual CPD requirements.
  • It is the responsibility of fellows to ensure they meet the annual CPD requirements in order to be eligible for the fellowship designation and benefits. Fellows who fail to comply with the annual CPD requirements will not be eligible for the fellow designation; and will only remain as HKIRA Members and enjoy only the general benefits for HKIRA Members.


*If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact HKIRA staff at (852) 2117 1846.